Millennials Wine Experts

 Scientific and Technical Committee 

The Scientific and Technical Committee meets to determine both the final number of tasters. Each juror represents a different country and the Scientific and Technical Committee strives to respect a wide dispersion both geographically and collegially.
Our tastings of wines and spirits follow the standards recommended by the O.I.V. and the UIOE.
We have increased the technical constraints both collegial and geographical dispersion. We have also implemented a tasting protocol unique in the world to judge wines and spirits for themselves and not comparatively but also to optimize the potential of tastings including limiting the number of samples to be tasted in a morning, never in the afternoon.
the international millennial tasters of the world's wines

Tasting Panels
Les Collèges

College 1 - oenologists or winemakers, French or foreign, president of juries,
College 2 - production and affiliates, secretary: person working upstream of the wine industry: winemaker, laboratory manager, viticultural technician, glassmaker, corker, printer, etc ...
College 3 - marketing, dissemination, wine tourism: person working downstream of the wine industry: traders, sommelier, wine merchant, exporter, chef, caterer, visit manager, etc ...
College 4 - education, training, communication, public relations, media: people who train from CAPA to PhD through vocational training in the professions of the vineyard and wine; and whoever professionally collects information, writes articles or publishes reports (written, audio, photo or video) in the world of vineyards and wine.
 College 5 - discovery consumption: wine lover aficionada, epicurean, hedonist.

Tasting Juries
Les Jurys

Each jury comprises 5 jurors, 3 foreign jurors and 2 French jurors or 3 French jurors and 2 foreign jurors from each of the colleges. 
Each jury is made up of one juror from each of the first 4 international professional colleges corresponding to the promotion of the vine and wine professions. We will find one juror from the amateur oenophile discovery college. 
The choice to integrate experienced oenophilic amateurs is a deliberate choice because this college reflects the tastes and expectations of consumers.

The term "Millennials" refers to men and women between the ages of 18 and 37 at the time of the competition. 

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